2022 Missions To Date…

2022 Missions to date...

45 Missions, 1,762.92 Member Hours
DateMissionMembers InvolvedTotal Mission Hours
September 3Two Lost and Dehydrated Hikers - Fredricksburg Canyon1872.00
August 31Missing Juvenile - Skyland - Cancelled En Route (CER)52.50
August 28Injured Dirt Bike Rider - Tahoe Rim Trail (TRT) - CER21.00
August 28Stuck Vehicles - Brunswick Canyon747.83
July 30Missing Alzheimer's Senior Adult - Harvey's Casino and Hotel1145.83
July 20Missing Jet Ski Driver - North of Cave Rock1342.90
July 19Stranded Motorist - Genoa Peak Road817.06
July 1Missing/Lost Motorcycle Rider - Pine Nuts - CER (Located by SO and Fire)814.53
June 29Disoriented Nude Hiker - Genoa Trails1326.50
June 23Water Rescue - Cradlebaugh Bridge - CER51.25
June 21Traffic Control - Hwy 395 and SR8844.13
June 17Fire Evacuation Support - Genoa Area, Trail Court Fire1242.40
June 8Lost Hiker - TRT Trail near Van Sickle917.80
May 26Stuck Vehicle - Near Holbrook - CER22.00
May 15Vehicle in River - South of Kimmerling on SR881347.50
May 12Missing/Lost Hikers - Genoa Peak Trail1652.20
May 11-12Traffic Control - Highway 50 near Presbyterian Curve310.00
May 11-12Missing/Lost Hiker - Castle Rock Trail927.58
May 7Water Rescue - Topaz Lake - CER74.58
April 12Walk-Away Person - Gardnerville127.17
April 7Runaway - China Springs Youth Camp16174.88
March 31Dickey Search (Recovery) - OP810105.00
March 29Dickey Search (Drone) - OP7321.00
March 28Dickey Search (Ground Trackers and Drone) - OP6969.75
March 21Call for 1 Lost Skier, Located 3 Lost Skiers - Heavenly (Mott Canyon)1457.00
March 15Lost Skier - Heavenly (Daggett Drainage)1864.50
March 13Dickey Search (Ground Trackers and Drone Training) - OP519190.00
March 7OHV Side-by-Side Overdue - Leviathan Mine Rd38.58
March 5Traffic Control - County Road and Carval Court312.25
March 2Disabled Vehicle - Leviathan Mine Road843.84
March 1Dickey Search (Drone) - OP4333.42
February 25Dickey Search (Drone) - OP3212.25
February 22Missing Skier - Heavenly51.25
February 122 OOB Skiers - Heavenly (Mott Canyon)1371.50
February 7OOB Snowboarders - Heavenly (Daggett Drainage)829.34
February 2Missing Hiker - Marlette Lake Area1370.42
January 31DCSO Agency Assist - Comms Tech Transportation438.00
January 29Stuck Snowboarders - Off Granite Crest Drive1426.17
January 28DCSO Agency Assist - Comms Tech Transportation211.34
January 28Stranded Skier - Heavenly (Mott Canyon) - CER22.42
January 27Missing Woman - Winhaven1919.00
January 25-26Missing Person - Sunrise Pass Road531.87
January 14Lost Snowboarder - Heavenly (Mott Canyon)1271.25
January 10Out of Bounds Skier - Heavenly - CER108.34
January 8Lost Skier and Snowboarder - Heavenly (Mott Canyon)1882.80