Douglas County Sheriff’s Search & Rescue

Douglas County Sheriff’s Search & Rescue

Is non-profit group made up of professionally trained volunteers that work under the auspices of the Douglas County Sheriff’s department. Every year, local citizens and visitors from around the world enjoy the backcountry of Douglas County, which includes Lake Tahoe, the Carson River and Pinenut Mountain Range. The interaction of people, challenging wilderness terrain and frequent adverse weather, predict­ably creates the need for search and rescue services.

Since nearly every type of hazard mentioned in our state’s comprehensive emergency plans may require search and rescue, DCSAR is also an important adjunct to law enforcement and fire agencies during times of natural or man-made disasters.

Some of the events we respond to include:

  • Avalanche rescue / recovery
  • Fire evacuation
  • Lost Skier

  • K-9 Search Teams
  • Wilderness searches
  • Swift water rescue
  • Flood rescue
  • Basic emergency medical services
  • High/low angle rope rescue